Tim Romain - Bass Guitar



The first time Tim got excited about music was in Michigan right before he turned 4, when he walked by a neighbor's open back door, and they were playing Motown records on a console stereo, where the bass was audible. 

Growing up was frustrating, because no one had a bass guitar. Finally, more than 10 years later, he was able to borrow a bass from a friend, and the rest is history. 

T.J. Siewert - Drums & Vocals



Born on July 13th, 1986, T.J. is a multi-instrumentalist from northern California. He was introduced to drums at the age of 3. Raised by a very musical and supportive family with roots in blues and rock and roll, he started his first band with schoolmates at age 9. By 10 years old he began sitting in with professional blues bands as well as performing at annual blues festivals. By age 12 he was playing shows locally in an original rock band with his older brother and recorded his first album in 1999 which landed them at a music festival in Hollywood before even graduating 8th grade. Since then, he has played hundreds of shows in over 30 different states with numerous excellent bands ranging in styles from blues, funk, rock, country and reggae. When he isn't playing the drums or other instruments, he enjoys naps on outdoor couches!

Steve Clic - Guitar



Steve Clic is a long-time performer on the local and national music scene.  Starting around age 16 he could be found hanging out at various night clubs, coffee shops, and music venues around San Francisco lugging equipment for his father, guitarist Bobby Clic.  Steve began sitting in with a few of his fathers’ bands, and in one case, standing in for his father at practice while he was on tour.  Earning respect, gaining knowledge throughout his teenage years allowed him to occasionally join his fathers’ blues band, Big Daddy from Cincinnati and the South Park Blues Band, on stage at classic San Francisco clubs such as the Boom Boom Room, Paradise Lounge, and the Nightbreak.  By 18 he had joined Melting Euphoria, a psychedelic, instrumental hippy band who were working on releasing what would be their final album.  While adding basic guitars, and other rhythmic mumbo jumbo to their rather wildly sophisticated space rock for the release of what would be Steve's first widely distributed album "She wants to take us over the edge of the earth."  Shortly after its release, at age 21 Steve Clic teamed up with his father once again to provide extra guitar duties in the newly reformed, original late 70's punk legends, The Lewd.  While in the Lewd, Steve was fortunate enough to play venues large and small. Meeting many of his hero's and contemporary's, all the while the rush of playing wild, unpredictable music was satisfying, Steve was always actively seeking out new styles, and genres of music to explore.  From bluegrass to punk, and blues to funk Steve has honed his unique, classic, analog sound, through vintage gear, old school chops and an unpredictable sonic attack.

Influences: The Fugs, The Buzz Clic Adventure, Duran Duran  

Chaco Pekham - Saxophone


 Born in Berkeley, California, Chaco Amazé is an accomplished saxophonist. After attending Sonoma State University, he moved on to become a freelancing saxophonist. Playing mainly tenor sax, he also plays alto and soprano, along with dabbling in guitar, piano, bassoon, and flute. 

Mainly known as a modern/contemporary jazz saxophonist, Chaco has experience playing in a variety of different styles, such as classic jazz, Latin jazz, funk, neo-soul, prog jazz, rock, punk, and now the blues. 

Dave Anderson - Guitar & Vocals


 Dave was taught how to play 12 bar blues at a very young age while growing up in the San Francisco peninsula area, and ever since the blues has been ingrained in his musical style. He still plays the same beat up vintage Fender Stratocaster since his high school days but has since shelved the Music Man 65 watt 115 and is now using a 1970 Fender Quad Reverb Silverback amp. To round out his sound, Dave occasionally busts out his Epiphone Sheraton II hollow-body guitar for those deep funky blues tones.   

Derek Abel - Harp and Lead Vocals


Born in Rio Vista, CA.(California Delta) Derek began playing the Harmonica when he was 8 years old cat fishing with friends. He started playing the drums and singing when he was 15 and has kept music in his life ever since. He has lived in several places; Tahoe, San Francisco, Oregon and is currently back to his roots in the Delta. Some of his favorite musicians and influences include: Dr. John, Warren Haynes, Tab Benoit, Van Morrison, John Mellencamp, The Allman Brothers band, Junior Wells and Sonny Terry, the list could go on for pages so we will leave it at that. He is very passionate about this group, he truly believes they have the potential to really be a group to take it all the way and carry their tunes to the four corners of the world for everyone to enjoy. His other passions include his Rotary club, Scuba diving, golf, skiing, racing Corvettes, sky diving and many other things that make him hard to keep up with.

The Sound Master


Adam Maggard - recording, mastering, video and live sound engineer

Adam has a Bachelor degree in sound mastering from SAE Expression College in Emeryville, Ca. He has been managing D.A.B. sound for over 4 years and is a mastermind when it comes to making us sound awesome. He has also produced and mastered the live recordings you hear on the music links. 

Live Sound

Rob Harris - live sound engineer

Meet Rob Harris, in the Delta and beyond is where he works his live sound magic. He has done sound for DAB for over 10 years in live venue's, festivals, car shows, etc. He brings great expertise to every venue due to his wide array of experience and knowledge.